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~ Members Only ~

~ I am posting gifs/pictures evey day after doing a poll to ask the members if I should make the community more active, so do not let this stop you from posting icons, fanfictions, fanvids or anything else related to Captain Hook-Killian Jones, or to Colin O'Donoghue.

~ All posts here are Members Only, so you'll have to join if you want to see the entries :)

~ Please see the rules and the guidelines on the profile. If you have any questions, or if you have an issue with a member or a spammer, leave a comment on this post. Don't be shy, the comments are screened.

~ To become an affiliates, you may ask here as well. It does not have to be related to Once Upon A Time.
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Deleted comment

I'm glad you plan to post here again, I'll be there to approve your entries, and most likely remove you from the Moderated posts :)

His eyes makes me melt! lol
Yay! I have a question... can we post stuff about Colin, or does it have to be OUAT related?
There was already a tag for Colin, and I don't think anyone would mind seeing stuff about him.
ok, thanks. :)
Another question. Is there a way to moderate only new members, instead of everyone's posts being put into a queue? I don't like that after I post, I can't see my post to check and make sure I didn't make any mistakes.
I'm not a fan of Moderated entries either. I might edit it to Moderated Membership instead, to verify if the newbies are active on LJ or if they just created an account to potentially post spam.

I'll go right away and to un-moderate people that posted correctly so far. (those that knows how to make lj-cuts for spoilers, for fics, for many pictures, etc)
Thank you so much!
You're welcome :)